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You must take those first few baby steps.

Once a business begins to come alive, the people behind it would find it wiser to take things slower than giving in to impulses to make it big overnight.

This is a paradox faced by most start-ups that are launching a brand new product. The intention of any business is to make your product a market changer. For that to happen, it seems important to some to experience those ‘gut feelings’ and act impulsively that would save them some time and effort and help them gain some sort of advantage. These gut feelings result in launching a product that is not perfectly tested and might bring your first impression crashing down in the market. Taking those smaller steps and selling your products in smaller settings and test groups is always the best way to move forward. Once this is done, the impulses can take over 🙂

There are so many examples of products that did not do well in the beginning but became hits due to a few tweaks based on consumer feedback. Play Doh invented by Brian Joeseph McVicker & Bill Rhodenbaugh was originally a failed Coal residue cleaner that was rebranded as a non-toxic children’s toy. The Social Network game Farmville had been trying to find a break through for ages before Facebook picked it up. It is important to wait for the right moment that helps you launch a correct product correctly.

Let your venture take those little steps. Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos still considers this aspect of the process to be very important for his company. The start-up attitude empowers even larger companies to keep on bring us newer and better services that helps them stay on the top.

How does this really help you?

Founders are normally driven by the thought that their idea is gold. Most of them do not have an open mind, it’s a sad truth. There are rare exceptions where the founder was right but that was only when he created his product with the consumer in mind. Most of us do not have this notion when we invent or innovate a new product or service. The ones that let it test out have always been able to tweak their offering in the right package which his target audience will love.

How do you go about taking these baby steps?

  1. The first aspect is to ask yourself if your product or service is going to help someone make his task easier. If your answer is a resounding YES, you move forward.
    • If you honestly think about it, you will understand the reasons why a customer will not choose your product. This is when you list down these reasons and find fixes for them.
  2. After the inner contemplation it’s time to create a prototype. Create a sample product or in case of a service or an App, begin sampling it on various consumer groups.
    • Ask smaller vendors to sell your product locally and take consumer feedback. This will become a great investment as it will bring forward the remaining negative reasons that needs to be fixed.

These 2 steps are going to help you carve out your path to a profitable venture. These 2 steps must be revisited every 6 months for a business to grow bigger and better.

110 IDEAS UI and UX (User Interface and User Experience) research Services helps your determine if your Product or Service will be effective or not. After the research based on real life sampling and live campaigns created and executed by qualified UI and UX  design experts, we are able to give you a list of improvements needed in your product or service offering that will help it become more consumer oriented and ensure a successful launch. You can always give us a call to discuss how to take things forward.

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