110 IDEAS was started as a platform to perform services like Website Development and Graphical Designing for our already consistent clientele. We moved to other facets of the market like Ecommerce, Online Promotions and Search Presence as the demand for it rose among our clients. We learnt with experience and innovated where there were no set paths. 110 IDEAS is built on the strong pillars of perseverance, hard work and creative thinking.

About me

This Agency is owned and managed hands on by me - Shabbir Pittalwala.

I am the founder of an Online Marketplace 110ridas.com. This venture was the start of an entrepreneurial adventure that led me to start 110 IDEAS as well. The success of 110ridas.com led a lot of prospective clientele asking for me advice for their budding online ventures. Opportunities were recognised and I began working as a part time Web Developer and Graphic Designer. This was easy for me as I was already doing the same for my own firm, constantly updating the website to suit newer needs and creating attractive content in-house to save costs got me the practical edge and understanding of how the market really works for a real money making online venture. Starting 110 IDEAS became mandatory. 🙂

Why People Choose Us

Unlike other firms, I have my own online venture that I work on everyday. This brings my firm an advantage over the others. We can innovate new forms of marketing, promotions and campaigns and try it out a few times, perfecting them before doing something similar for our clients. The responses are surely always a little different for each campaign but it's always easier to ride the terrain you are familiar with.

Our diverse clientele also enables us to create further innovations in existing tricks and processes that almost always favours all my clients. One tweak perfected for one client in a unique scenario is always used for all our other clients. We do not accept clients from the same industry competing for the same piece of cake.

Our Clients and Projects

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