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Website design and development 110ideas

110 IDEAS creates beautiful and practical Websites with great graphics and latest developments. We stay updated with the latest trends and technical innovations to try something new and create something better every time.

The 'Website' has stood the test of time. They have been here since decades and have evolved with the PC, Laptops,Tablets & Smartphones to become the most important aspect of any online representation.

No Website means:

  • You do not have a permanent online address
  • You cannot be found on Google organically
  • You do not exist for anyone that's not in your circle
  • You cannot showcase your talent, work, offerings they way you would like
  • You cannot create an independent online network for communication, sales, marketing or promotions for your enterprise

We can help you build your first website or redevelop and existing one.

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Website & Search Result Management

Website content and Search Results are very closely related to each other. Maintenance of a website includes backups, technical problem solving to improve crawling efficiency, creating and providing content for the website based on the trending topics and a lot more.

110 IDEAS has a team dedicated to maintaining websites and monitoring it's performance based on how the visitors find the website, browsing patterns, communication patterns via the website and conversions.

You can get the following via this service:

  • 24 x 7 website analysis all year round
  • Hack proof
  • Accurate search result presentation
  • Content change / generation freedom
  • Regular search engine updation based on content changes

We can help you get your website healthier better.

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Social Media Management

After websites, social media handles play a vital role in the process of constant online presence. This activity is taken lightly by most organisations and they lose out on a potential hub for potential customer interaction and lead generation.

Social Media channels are like exhibition events where where you would set up your stall and display your products/services and maybe even end up selling something there to a demanding customer, but your aim will always remain to promote your business and convince potential customers to visit your shop or office (in online terms your Website) so that you can convert them into a long term client.

We help you manage this activity for you and provide a detailed report on consumer behavior and post performances.

Our service here include:

  • Creation of Social Media Profiles
  • Managing it's positioning as per the target requirement
  • Campaign planning and content creation
  • Monitoring and hosting interactions with customers daily
  • Creating a targeting or promotional campaign to improve hits on the profile
  • Providing post performance reports

We can help you with your social media presence.

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Online Marketing – SEO + SMM

The final and probably the most important aspect of any Online Presence campaign is to work out the right Marketing-Mix. You need to find the right balance of Social and Search presence to make your Online Presence work for you. Me and my team have been juggling Search presence, search results, Direct traffic and Website designing since a long time and use innovative techniques based on the industry and target audiences to milk the maximum benefit from our efforts.

This Activity is a joint effort of Website Management, Social Media Presence and Search Engine Optimization to help the right consumer reach our clients.

We can help you in building your Online Presence.

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